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Windshield molds for KTX-2 aircraft. Molds designed and fabricated with over 100 5-axis holes drilled holding tight true position tolerances.

Tools machined in 40 lb. density urethane tooling board.

Aluminum JSF hinge canopy

machined on G&L 5-Axis Bridgemill.

Aluminum hinge canopy part for JSF aircraft. Part was machined out of Solid Billet.

F-5 replacement parts for Longeron kits. Moldline surfaces were created in CATIA using loft data books.

Prototype aluminum housing for missile guidance system. Some hole tolerances are 0.0002.

Aluminum web panels for the 737 aircraft. Machining three parts at a time.

Tooling board master model to make composite radom part.


Aluminum bond Fixtures for a Composite Spar.

Longeron part for Lockheeds JSF aircraft. Machined out of aluminum billet.

Aluminum JSF aerospace part. Machined out of billet. Part still attached with tabs.


MD-11 7075 aluminum forging sideframe being machined on 50 HP spindle.

MD-11 7075 Aluminum forging Sideframe. Top shows the finished part. Bottom is the forging.

Aluminum half baring groove being machined on 5 axis G&L.


Tooling board masters to make insulation blankets. Tools will make epoxy splash oven tools, and also used for Inspection fixtures.


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