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This vacuum fixture holds down a skin panel for a Gulfstream corporate jet during NC trim and drill operations. Tool surface consists of aluminum-filled epoxy machined to an RMS 32 finish. 


Super Gryphon Drone Aircraft mold being machined on G & L Bridgemill. Mold made from Urethane foam and Rayite-100 plaster based material.

Internal parts for Super Gryphon Drone.

Syper Gryphon Drone composite skin that was made using DANGAR designed and built tooling.


Finished turbine made out of astraloy forged material Part to be used on star wars laser technology

Turbine wheel machined using 1/8" carbide endmills

Turbine wheel blank made from a very hard exotic astraloy material.


16' by 9' vacuum fixture designed and fabricated to hold floor panels for the 757 aircraft while machining.

Inspection of thicknesses for 757 floor panels. Thicknesses range from 0.050 - 0.100".

Aluminum floor panel for the 757 aircraft


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