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RTM Molds

As a process technology, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) has always offered potential for improving quality of a part as well as constructing parts with more complexity. Without a doubt, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process has been gaining tremendous interest and RTM application should become a major factor for the 21st century. This is due to new OSHA exposure limits for styrene. There is no question RTM application is a step in the right direction in lowering styrene emissions within the work place. The time is now for each and everyone of us to seriously look at RTM as a clean and cost effective process. RTM is currently being used to manufacture complex tubular shapes, aerospace, automotive and truck parts for both OEM and aftermarkets, recreation industry, medical field, industrial as well as wide range of other components for the FRP industry. To Put it Simply, the potential of RTM application is limited only to the designers imagination.

Why RTM?

Problems have existed consistently on hand lay-up and spray-up processing. Some of the Major issues have been: rising labor cost, material wastage, and slow turn-around, which in turn creates a need for more molds or longer lead times. RTM offers a wide range of process and product Advantages.


Design Flexibility Part Reproducibility
Labor Savings Faster Production
Low Start-up Cost Low Material Wastage
Dimensional Tolerances Filler Additives
Surface Finish Higher Volume Fraction
Environmental Compliance




  • Tool designed for 3501-6 and PR 500 resin system.

  • Internal Thermocouples

  • Tubular trolley with pinions.

  • 25 Aluminum Inserts incorporating ply drop-offs

  • Female cavities made from P-20 Steel.

  • Cavities heat sinked to reduce cycle time

  • Test coupon area

  • Strategically located resin and vacuum channels that allow for quick injection time with no resin race tracking.

  • Part injected had 100% Wet-out with no dry voids.

  • Fiber Fraction is 65%

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